Gain Confidence and Lose Fear in Your Homeschool

Hi, I’m Penney Douglas. I am a former first grade teacher who became a homeschool mom to 10 children. I have homeschooled for 25+ years, and I have applied my knowledge of teaching approaches and learning theories to my homeschool methods. I would like to share what I've found that works best in the homeschool environment. I can help you relax and simplify so that you feel confident that you are teaching well and your children are learning well - without the fear and stress and striving to reproduce the classroom approach at home. Fearless Homeschooling will help you to enjoy your homeschooling days and years and keep doing it for as long as you feel it is the best thing for your family.

Gain Confidence and Lose Fear in Your Homeschool

You want to teach your child at home, but you are not a trained teacher. Can you really do it? How should you do it?

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This course will help you spread an abundant feast of learning for your children.

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